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Drancy Marble Top Coffee Table – Gold

Drancy Marble Top Coffee Table – Gold


Original price was: ₹20,000.00.Current price is: ₹15,500.00.



Tabletop: Top Marble: Carefully selected a single slab of real marble without any blemishes for usage on furniture. Optimally cut and polished to add lustre to the natural patterns on the stone. Heat, scratch & stain resistant thus easy to maintain over long term usage. The base is MDF: It is engineered wood with a smooth surface with no grain makes it easier to work and paint. It is resistant to termite and wood borers. Table frame: Stainless steel: These are highly cost-effective recyclable materials that provide excellent durability and load-bearing capacity. They are ductile and weldable for varying sizes and shapes of design. Finish type – Brass lacquered finish: Polished Brass is sealed with a lacquer coating, so it will not age or tarnish. Polished Brass looks shiny and golden. This finish is designed to stand out against a dark home exterior. Treatment Type – Phosphating for anti-rust: Metal components are pre-treated thru the phosphating process to avoid rust over a period of time of usage. It comes with a load-bearing capacity of 10 kgs.

Size 24*20 inch dia size 18*16 inch height

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